An App, centralizing all of your healthy lifestyle information without complicating the task.
Personal Project / UX, UI, prototyping
Prototype Link:
This is the link to the prototype of the Heal•Thy

Problem Statement

The problem for Heal•Thy based on research is allowing users to centralize health lifestyle information in one location without overly complicating the task. With the over saturation of information Heal•Thy is here to simplify.

The Approach:

I've conducted research using user interviews and competitive analysis. I realized that many applications provide resources that are too dense with content.

User Interview Research

Based on the interviews that I’ve conducted the main thing that I’ve seen is people are focused on healthy eating. The person with the most life experience was the only one who ate when she wanted to and did not let outside factors affect the outcome of that. Only one person mention an app based on interviews, it seems to me people are not that concerned with tracking food and are more so influenced by eating what is best for the human body.

Interview Question + Answers

Competitive Analysis

What I discovered from the competitive analysis is most of the competitor apps have an overflow of content and feature. In conjunction with the information from the user interviews. It made it obvious; people want ease of use. They instead wish for more details without the stress.

Competitive Analysis Breakdown

Problem Statement Pivot

The Problem, as I understand it with the Heal•Thy is, it is still difficult for people to obtain knowledge of how to have healthy relationships with food. Now instead of focusing in on the unknowledgeable, it gives people who have experience with health they too can overcome the problem of furthering their ever-growing knowledge.

Card Sorting

Next, I created a cart sorting form to get a better understanding of how my interviewees would go about categorizing their diets and food choices.

Card Sorting via Optimal Workshop

Affinity Mapping & Persona

Affinity Mapping


MosCoW Method

MosCoW Method

User Flow

Four user flows. Onboarding, Article, User Settings and Library.


Lifestyle, User Profile, Search, Library, News Feed and back button, Home, Login, Sign up, Sharing, offline downloads.

The Features provided will allow users simplistic, user-friendly way to navigate the app. Users will be different base on the amount needed to make use of this app versus other fitness/health apps.

Site Map

Site Map versions

Sketches and Prototypes

Sketches and Paper Prototypes

Wireframe + Annotations

Wireframes and Annotations

Next Steps:

— Develop Branding
— More User Testing

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