The Life School

The LIFE School is a self-directed school for students to make their path.
Client Project / UX, UI, prototyping
TEAM | Lead: Jarrett Coger / UX: Treven Holcomb / UX: Justin Neely
first iteration completed 2018

You can check out The LIFE School at:


The LIFE School is a self-directed school for students to make their path. Everything is catered towards you, the student.

Problem Statement

We noticed a significant issue on the website. There was a lack of direction visitors. Without guidance, it was difficult for the parent and student to know what the next steps were.


We conducted research that would best inform our design choices. The research methods are as follows:

User Interviews

Based on the information collected during the user interview with the students, we learned that they're definitely more excited about the freedom of choice with being at this school versus their previous experience. Also, they mostly learned about this school from adults in their lives not through personal research.

Competitive Analysis

The information that was collected from the competitive analysis shows that each of school has something particular they specialize. The heavy focus for most of the school overall is Admissions and About us. The rest of the content seemed somewhat secondary to those sections.

Web Comparative Analysis

What these sites have in common?

They all showcase who they are seamlessly. Content is amazing, pictures and videos are everywhere highlighting the students and students doing activities. Pages with more words than pictures are usually broken down to be more digestible to users. All the sites have at least one unique feature making it stand out and different from most. Sites focuses on giving and applying to the school and highlights these options making it easier to find.


With the information collected from our research, we created personas. They're modeled after the adults and the students we interviewed. From the personas, we can see the pain points intersect with one another. There is a yearning for more growth, focus, and attention.


Through the research, we discovered that the site was very dense. Information on the site was spread over several pages.

Site Map

Wireframe Example of The LIFE School 2.0 website


• The site was consolidated from 25 pages down to 6 long pages with clear directions

• Freedom of choice schedule

• Easy to navigate through application process

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